Fish | Pesci

Vegetables and Potato included

Scampi alla Panna £15.90Scampi cooked in butter, cream, onions, mushrooms & brandy sauce, served with rice

Scampi alla Provinciale £15.90Scampi cooked in tomato, garlic & white wine, served with rice

Scampi Pernod £15.90Scampi cooked in white wine, cream, mustard & Pernod, served with rice

Scampi Fritti £12.90Deep fried breaded scampi served with tartar sauce & fries

Salmone Aurora £14.90Poached salmon steak cooked in prawns, cream & touch of tomato sauce

Salmone Navona £14.90Poached salmon steak cooked with white wine & creamy asparagus sauce

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